One of the greatest television shows ever produced (in my opinion) was Northern Exposure. It debuted in 1990, ran for six seasons, garnered numerous awards, and still has a large and very devoted following. My favorite character on the show was named, “One-Who-Waits” played by Floyd Red Crow Westerman. On the show, Westerman played a 256-year-old spirit guide who helped another character find answers. He was on very few episodes, but they are memorable and extremely thought-provoking. He may have been called, “One-Who-Waits” but we are all “Those-Who-Wait.”

We wait to be born. We wait to be tall enough, strong enough, big enough.

We wait for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner.

We wait for the bus, for the last bell to ring, for the ride home.

We wait for the results, for the fun to start, for the day to come.

We wait for the permission, for the change, for the punishment.

We wait until we can drive, we can vote, we can drink alcohol.

We wait in line, for the rates to change, for the show to begin.

We wait for the phone call, the text, the doorbell.

We wait for the delivery, the snail mail, the e-mail.

We wait for the answer, the question, the decision.

We wait for the pain to stop, for the pills to kick in, for the fever to break.

We wait to get healthy, to get sober, to get direction.

We wait for the meeting, for an opening, for the raise.

We wait for the holidays, for Christmas, for the Tooth Fairy.

We wait in line, we wait for our turn, our heads to clear.

We wait until tonight, we wait until tomorrow, until next year.

We wait for the bathroom, we wait for the dryer, the food to be delivered.

We wait for them to get home, for her to get home, for him to get home.

We wait for the bread to rise, for the rolls to brown, for the toast to pop-up.

We wait for the truth, for the explanation, for the decision.

We wait for the other shoe to drop, for the tide to turn, for our time to come.

We wait for the birth, we wait for the death, we wait for the end; because in the end, we are all those who wait.

Robin is a writer/photographer who lives in Montana and happily gets to travel the state to photograph the beauty and document the stories.

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